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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dinar Daddy Chat: DDC 4/21/11

DinarDaddy: starting… moderated chat… thank you for being here… fire away with questions
prcjewel: I’ve come to learn that it seems ever thursday is a RV day..
DinarDaddy: Not on my sites! ;)
hereforfun: What should we be on the alert for?
DinarDaddy: the secondary market for Dinars should start shrinking where even Dealers have a difficult time getting Dinars
DinarDaddy: that isn’t happening right now
Dinarlove: According to the latest news/(rumors), when are they telling us to expect the RV? Also, was there any truth to Shabibi being in Switzerland?
DinarDaddy: some RUMORS are stating it will happen this week
DinarDaddy: we’ll see if they come true. I sure hope certain sharers of info are FINALLY right… lol!
PurdueAlum: Whens the next auction date?
DinarDaddy: CBI auctions run Sun-Thurs
DinarDaddy: I believe
JDSanders: Do you think that it is a good possibility that the rv is going to be within this month?
DinarDaddy: After last night’s call, things seem more clear to me, but I still have my guard up about all the rumors. They continue to be coming from the same people who have been wrong for the last 6 or so straight months…week in and week out
kat: Are they able to change the rate of RV if it was already set?
DinarDaddy: IMO, they can do whatever they wish based on the circumstance
metalriff: Do you think DB change in wiring only for +5 mil orders is a sign of anything.
DinarDaddy: no… probably just procedural / processes
captkm: DD—– spasm, spasm… sorry. Can we legally change tenmillions name to TenMiNiMs?
DinarDaddy: no… can’t force her to do anything against her will. ;)
beautyjones: Why did you say be on alert?
DinarDaddy: Because there is a LOT of information flying around, both rumors and news, that give me indication that things are changing, or are about to. I look at everything, and so much is making me believe we may see some changes. It may have NOTHING TO DO with the IQD, but I feel there are things going on that we should be alert to. That’s all.
mobgk40: when do u honestly think the RV will be, even if it is an assumption please…
DinarDaddy: I’m hoping by end of June… all I have at this point is speculation… hoping those who claim they are connected are telling the truth
hereforfun: In some posters world, every day is an RV day – they’ll never be wrong!!
DinarDaddy: some who have been wrong for over a year straight… won’t name names but you can all guess the first 3 or 4 on my list… have claimed they have NEVER BEEN WRONG!!! Some I guess have a very short memory…
wep45: When is your next day of extreme interest?
DinarDaddy: May 5th is the date they claim their funds are no longer protected, so that would be the date for me.
metalriff: Now that Okie has been elevated to Jesus status , will you perhaps ask him to borrow his super hero cape?
DinarDaddy: Hmmm… no comment on that one… remains in rarely post anymore / “Doozies” at best section of DDT, so I’m unsure who feels that way.
buddydog: I have my own bank intel!!!! shall i share?
DinarDaddy: go right ahead!
Bain: Does this have anything to do with Ali not advertising?
DinarDaddy: Ali and Dinar Trade have pulled back from advertising period. I can assure you that Ali and I are great! We talk multiple times a week. He buys lunch when I am in town. His decision to stop advertising for a time is strictly a company decision, nothing more… I can assure you. It has NOTHING to do with the RV that I’m aware of. People speculate over everything, but I can assure some decisions have NOTHING TO DO with the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar.
sfass: DD what are the important dates in May???
DinarDaddy: May 5th
classmom2: Would be Nice to see theRumors are TRUE for a change….:-)
DinarDaddy: agreed! … but because I have NO WAY of verifying if they are, or of confirming the legitimacy of those who do share, I post them on my site, but with caution and concern that everyone keep a level head about their posts. Those that have been wrong alot in the past are STILL posting their immediate intel info every week. I’m blown away by their sheer fortitude to continue posting while having a ZERO PERCENT track record, but they do. As such, I have grown tired, but remain posting SOME of their information because I don’t know what else to do.
usmcOIF: PLACES TO CASH IN? like banks and currency exhanges?
DinarDaddy: there will be many that will facilitate that effort once the IQD is internationally traded and recognized.
chicosan: is it verified that Dr Shabibi was in Switzerland within the last few days?
DinarDaddy: Apparently.. but I’ve seen no news article of that.
beautyjones: What do the auction have to do with RV?
DinarDaddy: they don’t
primalnick: I know they’re politicians, but do Iraqi officials ever speak straight to the point and follow through with what they say? It seems everything they say is open for debate, or is it just me?
DinarDaddy: it’s in their culture to NOT do that, so… no
PurdueAlum: Wouldnt you think they (CBI) would at least raise the value slightly to grab more money, I dont mean a crazy RV but 1 to 900 or 1 to 800?
DinarDaddy: you’d think.. but they can’t do that because they would be opening up too much speculation for a second go-around
tilley: what do you mean, Last night’s call?
DinarDaddy: yes… fantastic call!
Dinarlove: What are your contacts saying?
DinarDaddy: they are hedging… quiet… discussing politics and economic issues… nothing juicy like some claim
mobgk40: is there a chance that RV will NOT likely happen at all?
DinarDaddy: i don’t think so. The IQD will increase in value some day… maybe tonight… maybe 2 weeks from now… maybe 2 years… point being, no one really knows when unless they are truly involved. People in those positions to be in the know would NEVER tell their buddy who’s on a forum… lol
toyboy1972: DD what is your opinion on the doonie post 4/21/2011
DinarDaddy: I don’t trust that poster, as they have shared things for a while that have been extremely confident and direct information that has been wrong time and again. That’s my HONEST answer. With that said, I do NOT know this person, so I have no way of gauging who they really are. So, much of this person’s posts get placed in Doozies or Rumors because they always claim date and rate.
sbetz: i know you go by “Dinar Daddy” and not “DONG Daddy” but do you think it is worth buying some Viet Dong or any other of these rumored “soon to RV” currencies?
DinarDaddy: I own some VND. It is a currency I intend to follow both pre-RV and post-RV depending on what happens
kwekubruni: did i see you say something to the effect that once the rv happens you will NOT be the first in line to cash in? if so, what is your thinking.
DinarDaddy: i won’t be first in line, but I can if i wish with a simple phone call I can cash in.
DinarDaddy: I will wait to see what is happening around me. I’m not going to be in a frenzy selling all I have. This is a strategic thing for me.. the beginning of things.. not the END like so many seem to think. There’s much to consider… taxes… investment options… rates… currency spreads… etc.
DinarDaddy: they aren’t going to revalue the currency and then tank it back to its original rate within a week, so why act like it. They make this kind of move because it will be close to its TRUE RATE… not so the markets can take it over and destroy it and the world’s economies… just isn’t going to happen that way, so way act like it
rockinrich: any idea of a rate?
DinarDaddy: Breitling claims between USD and Euro… Rudy claims between $1.50 and $2.20 I believe?… others claim $5 or $6+… take your pick. I’m out of the date and rate game.
kat: Wasn’t May 5 when the protection would be lifted to collect debts from Iraq? Wouldn’t something have to happen before then?
DinarDaddy: yep.. .don’t know if anything has to happen relating to our investment rate, but I’m sure “something” will happen to help Iraq protect itself
Lilmomma87: will homeland sercurity affect wire transfers after RV
DinarDaddy: that’s strictly speculation. Why would they hold MY MONEY? They’d have to change banking rules BEFORE the RV, not ex-post-facto… lol! Plain and simple, billions of dollars are wired each day. Why don’t they do that now?
hereforfun: What did you think about the Enorstte’s post about the conversation with Shabibi where he indicated the GOI had nothing to do with the RV?
DinarDaddy: there you go…
DinarDaddy: ok guys… I’ve got to run… enough for tonight. I’ll just say this… I am VERY POSITIVE on things. Last night’s Tidbits Radio show with Breitling and Rudy Coenen was absolutely one of the best we’ve had. Things came out so clear! I encourage ALL of you if you haven’t already to go and listen to it. It may even take a couple of times listening to it to fully grasp what we talked about.
DinarDaddy: Take that information from last night’s show, and tie it into the many rumors and the news articles, and there seems to be some things that match up. It makes me feel as though things are soon to change… thus by end-of-June thoughts, which I’ve had for a while
DinarDaddy: I could be way off, but that’s the feeling I have right at the moment. So… until that day… we wait… Thank you for being here!
Go Dinar!
Dinar Daddy Chat~

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